Family Service Eastern Nova Scotia - Pictou County

Family Service Eastern Nova Scotia - Pictou County provides a wide range of individual and family counselling, group and community based programs and services.




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New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

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Bridgeview Square, 115 MacLean St.,
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
B2H 4M5


Main : 1-902-752-7562

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Monday 08:30 AM 04:30 PM
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_Programs and Services

Cooperative Parenting through Separation & Divorce
A program designed to help parents raise their children in a cooperative environment following separation and divorce. Topics include: communication, conflict resolution, understanding children's behavior and parent/child relationships. Please contact...
Step Teen (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting)
A program that will address the challenges of parenting teenagers in the 21st century. Topics include: how to effectively communicate with your teen, understanding teenage behavior, helping your teen make...
Anger Management
A seven-session program that will help participants understand 'invitations' to anger, the early warning signs, and the appropriate ways of expressing anger. The program will also provide specific anger management...
This program will help participants to face their grief in a comforting and safe environment. They will learn about what to expect while grieving, how to take care of themselves...
Balancing Work and Family
This seminar will teach participants to look for the signs that their lives are out of balance, identify the barriers in their lives to having balance and how to develop...
Promoting a Positive Workplace
This seminar identifies the contributors and barriers to a positive work environment. Participants will learn the characteristics of positive communication and how to develop those skills. Each participant will be...
Prolonged stress can result in emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. This seminar will help participants commit to serious lifestyle changes, in order to avoid burnout. Please contact (902) 752-7562 for...
Conflict Management
Conflict in the workplace can cause harmful stress. When conflict is handled effectively, stress can be minimized and personal and work relationships will improve. Participants of this seminar will examine...
Dealing with Difficult People
This seminar identifies types of difficult people, while developing strategies for effectively communicating and dealing with them. This seminar also helps with conflict and anger management. Please contact (902) 752-7562...
Couples Communication
This seminar is intended to help couples reach a deeper level of communication in order to promote team work, kindness, respect for one another and a focus on the relationship...
Women & Self- Esteem
A program designed to help women understand and enhance their self- esteem. Topics include: factors influencing the development of self-esteem, recognizing and appreciating one's strengths and gifts, decision- making skills,...
Stress Management
This program defines stress and explores its causes. Participants learn to identify personal stressors and signs of stress while acquiring stress management techniques. Topics include: the positive effects of a...
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